Frequent requests for password on Yahoo

I apologize if this has been dealt with earlier. I just set up a Verizon yahoo account and it keeps annoying me be by frequently shutting down my email and asking me to enter my password and sign on again. I followed the link that says "more" because in indicates that I can lengthen the amount of time between these massages.  It keeps running me around in circles and asking for my password again. I have yet to find the place where I can lengthen this time. 'Can anyone tell me how to deal with this?

Re: Frequent requests for password on Yahoo
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What browser are you using?  Are you checking the box "remember password"? When you state "shutting down your email" do you mean the browser closing?

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Re: Frequent requests for password on Yahoo
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Probably it is all related to the Microsoft fix kb2585542. It is causing grief at many sites, and Verizon is definitely one of them. Also effects several VPN.

It is not clear if there is anything wrong with the FIX or if it just that these sites haven't made allowances for the change of flow that the FIX introduced.