Getting email from verizon.. looks like phishing.

it says the following:::


 "My Verizon: IMPORTANT, Problem with your profile"

Dear Valued Verizon Customer,

Account Begining : 10XXXX 

Your My Verizon billing profile needs to be attended to.  

We're writing to make sure you're aware of an improvement in our security procedure for My Verizon service(s).In view of this NEW security Improvement, Your profile and billing information needs to be validated.  

Kindly follow the below CONTINUE button in order to comply with our recent security improvement. By passing back and forth private information that only you and us know, you can feel even more secure with your My Verizon experience. We recognize you and you recognize us.  


To continue, we have sent you an attached HTML Web Page.

  • See e-mail attachement
  • Download and save it
  • Open the attached document
  • Get started by confirming your informations

Thank you for your understanding and choosing Verizon as your favourite provider. We truly appreciate your business. 


Re: Getting email from verizon.. looks like phishing.
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Sounds phishy to me too. I would not click on anything.

Re: Getting email from verizon.. looks like phishing.
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I received the same email.  If you look at all of the links in the email, they don't work (they're null).  It's bogus.  The sender  wants you to open the attached HTML page.  I forwarded the email to along with the email's headers.