Getting rid of forwarding from previous e-mail provider

I converted to FIOS a year ago and transferred my e-mail messages over from sbcglobal to (yahoo).  I also set it up to forward e-mails from to my new account.  I now wanted to stop that forwarding action;  any ideas as to how to complete that?  Thanks.

Re: Getting rid of forwarding from previous e-mail provider
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The best way is probably to contact your old provider and have them turn off the emal address. That way the senders will get some sort of bounceback message and know not to send anymore to that address.

Re: Getting rid of forwarding from previous e-mail provider
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Unless you're in a hurry, it should timeout/finally clear on its own. As somegirl said, they'll start getting email errors (no such user or similar error) and will know you've gone then its up to them to stop sending to you.

My experience has been it takes some time for all the business side to catch up w/the real world.

If you're one nanosecond overdue on paying them, you're gonna hear it about so fast your ears will pop but if it's something they have to get done for you (clear the account, get billing to catch up that you've cancelled, shut off services within servers, etc), then it takes at least 4-6 weeks (which is nonsense but don't get me going). I'm still getting phone calls and emails from time warner and I pulled the plug on them over a month ago...have receipts for all the equip I took back, etc., and customer service can look up the account and tell me its cancelled...but they can't kill email or stop the calls and letters coming..That's a different department...yeah yeah,..I know...anyway....either let it expire on its own, or as somegirl suggested, call them and tell them to shut off your old email (let us know how that works out for you if you go that route).