Give us our Updates For Samsung Galaxy Nexus!!!
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Google has issued FOUR updates for our Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones to Verizon since they released the last one in Sept. 2012 and Verizon has not released one of them to our phones. With these updates our phone is the best one on the market! .

AT&T, T-Moble, and Sprint all released the updates immediately to their phones  with total success while Verizon when questioned is "still testing" the updates and have not released them to us.


It is my belief they want the phone to fail so we are unhappy and buy a new phone, and without the updates  the best phone on the market is a failure. The phone is too good so Verizon has found a way to ruin it.

Verizon claims to have the best customer service...what a joke. When asked all you get is pat answers, from front line customer service all the way to the top.  I can't wait for my 2 year contract to end. I will buy an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus and go to the competition where they do the right thing.

Re: Give us our Updates For Samsung Galaxy Nexus!!!
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This forum is for Verizon's residential services. Sounds like you want the wireless community for this particular issue.