Gmail and Vz cell phone
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I've been using Gmail to access my email on my Vz cell phones for years and have been pretty happy with the pairing.

For some reason when I send a message the receiving person now sees my email address  ( instead of my first name / last name as it used to appear.

Seems like this may have started when I switched from my original Pixel cell phone to a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. When I discovered this issue I initially thought I messed something up when set up Gmail on the S10. Since I still had the Pixel I went back to check the settings and see everything appears to be the same.

I've traded emails with my wife using her Note 9 and see that her email address is displaying now instead of her first name / last name.

Anyone else seeing this? Any idea on how to get my first name / last name to display when I send an email?

Re: Gmail and Vz cell phone
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I think you probably want the Verizon Wireless Community. These boards are for Verizon's landline services.