Go back to the old Email format

The new Verizon Yahoo email format sucks. Its more difficult to forward a message. You cannot check to see who is sending the message. The little messages are cute but serve no purpose. The filtering works no better with version than with the old. All in all its a dud.

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Re: Go back to the old Email format
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The problem is on the Yahoo side. Yahoo has changed its email format--now called "Neo"--and it's just awful.

From reading here in the forum, apparently there is a way to "detach" your Verizon email account from Yahoo but I don't know how it's done--I don't have a Verizon/Yahoo email account--and, I don't know if you would lose all of your existing email if you do separate from Yahoo so I'd suggest posting here in the forum to ask those questions.

You might also want to take a look at the following thread. The first post outlines the steps to switch to Yahoo mail "Basic" format which many people have switched to as a way of partially getting around the current Neo implementation: