HELP merging defunct dial up and soon-to-be disconnected DSL

I'm hoping someone here can help me; I've spent more than eight hours on the phone and spoken to more than 45 Verizon employees in seven departments to no avail.  The problem is a bit complicated:

When I lived in TX I had a Verizon DSL account with an email address.  When I moved to Washington DC I converted the DSL account to dial-up to keep the email address.  After a few years, I got DSL in DC, but I was told that they could not move my email address to the new account because it was a "Verizon West" account and I was in "Verizon East".  Instead, they made the dial-up account defunct so I would not have to pay for it, and associated the account with my DSL service, but they warned me that if I ever cancelled the DSL I'd lose the email account.  

It's a couple of years later and I'm moving to an apartment where the internet service is included.  I need to cancel the DSL service in the old apartment, but I still want to retain the email address.  I tried setting up a "Your Domain" account, but because the old address is showing up as a dial-up account the Your Domain registration system won't accept it (I tried both on the internet and by calling a rep).  Two or three of the customer service reps suggested that I use TrueSwitch, but that looks to be used to switch accounts, not merge them -- the point of this exercise if for me to keep the old address, not move to the new one (which I am soon to cancel, anyway).

Can anyone help me?  I'm really tired of talking to customer service reps who tell me to talk to a department I've already spoken to literally six times before.

Thanks in advance.

Re: HELP merging defunct dial up and soon-to-be disconnected DSL
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We can see what can be done with this email account. I have copied your thread to  private support board so we can get more information from you . Please refer all correspondences to the new thread.