Has anyone had these pop/smtp server issues?
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Has  anyone else experienced this?

I have a main account and twp subaccounts; one uses the same passwords on the pop and smtp servers as the main; one has different ones.

I send and receive email through an email client (Thunderbird).  Sometimes, I'll download all email and I'll get a popup about the password on the pop server being wrong -- on the main account only.  The other ones are OK.  I'll try to send a test message, and I get another popup.  Again, it works on the other two.  Note that these are the same passwords that were just fine a while ago -- and will be OK in a few hours, when this clears up.

So I use Verizon webmail -- with the same passwords that pop and smtp say are no good.

Geez, this is aggravating.  I wonder if Bright House users go through this.

Re: Has anyone had these pop/smtp server issues?

I have this issue about every 6 months.  I call Verizon (probally on the phone for an hour) and ask for tech suppor email.  Once I get the right "person", they make a corrrection on their side.