Hate Verizon Email
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I have been a verizon customer for many years for my internet service provider. Years ago when I signed up, I did not use the verizon email system for my personal email. Among others, I have used Yahoo, Runbox and MSN as my primary email. Last year, I decided to combine all the emails and just use two. Verizon for professional emails, and LIVE (hotmail) for friends and non-professional emails such as jokes and friend converstations. Everyday, more and more, I regret doing this.

Verizon's email system is the worst email system I have experienced since I have gotten a PC more than 20 years.

Although there are too many reasons why I feel this way to list, among the top reasons are:

It is extremely slow to load.

I recieve "users undefined" when trying to send an email after I have typed it.

I revieve "please select one email to delete" when trying to delete an email that has been selected.

I receive an error message when trying to delete more than one message at a time.

Attachments are very slow to upload.

I must constantly hit the refresh button to see emails or read them.

Attachments forwarded to me from another person are not there, just a read "X".

I have none of these problems with my LIVE (hotmail) account.


Come on verizon, you are a big company.....get with technology and fix these problems.

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Re: Hate Verizon Email
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I just moved over from roadrunner (time warner) and have had none of these issues you're talking about.

I use the webclient from time to time and also a desktop client (outlook) and everything seems solid via both venues.

do you get these errors if you're locally on their network (say your house, whatever) vs. just the web from a different location?

the red X problem makes me think a security/privacy settingis wrong...odd...

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Wholeheartedly agree. Verizon email is THE WORST. My biggest complaint is when signed in at work (which is permitted at my level) Verizon takes me to be on a public computer so the automatic termination feature is in operation. The trouble is that even if I check the kepp me signed in for 2 weeks box, my email sessions get deactivated and terminated within 5 minutes. This happens even if I am actively using the service such as in the middle of typing an email. When I go to send it, my session has been terminated so quickly the email isn't saved and I lose all the work I out into that email and have to start over.

When typing an email I have to SAVE to DRAFTS after every line, because the session will deactivate at some time in the  middle of the email and I don't know when. That means that I usually lose the last paragraph of every email.

The dumbest thing about this is that all I have to do to reactivate the session is to click the button in the box that tells me I've been shut off. If this feature is designed to prevent strangers from seeing my email if I leave a public computer WHY does it let me reactivate the session without signing in.

Sorry to say but I HATE Verizon's email.

And now to make it even worse, the preview panel has been reduced in size with 4 buttons for apps I don't use. WHY couldn't these have been put in some other place on the opening screen. Why do they have to make this supposedly innovative preview panel so much more useless. And I didn't think it could get more useless than it had been.

Verizon email (stinks).

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If you used email for 20 years, than you should now about email client's.  Go back to one if you hate verizon webmail.  You can  also consider using another free webmail such as GMAIL and Microsoft's Hotmail. 

The Windows Live mail suports running as a client and as a Webmail service.

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E-mail has become a thorn in my side.  When composing, content scrolls up and disappears.  Cannot see what I have written. 

Received e-mail isn't any better.  Area is so small where the message appears.  All around is more "junk" than I can handle.  Liked the original setup more.  Sometimes when I am writing, the whole page disappears and I lose everything.  What a disaster!!!