Help whitelisting a domain/ip address


I am having a frustrating issue where emails sent from my business email account sent to ( also sent to,, email address are either going right to the recipient's spam folder or not being delivered at all.  I found a link on these forums to apply to be whitelisted.  The link goes to an address.  I've applied to be whitelisted on aol and the response I received is "messages are being delivered from this IP" (Support Request #911227).

But my emails are in fact not being delivered to,,, and addresses.

For what it's worth, SPF and DKIM are enabled and my spam issue seems to be limited to verizon, aol, and yahoo domains.

I have seen other folks on these forums with the same problem and a Verizon Agent was able to intervene and assist.  I am requesting the same type of assistance.

Thanks for any help you can offer!