Help with Subaccounts Where Email is Linked to Yahoo

I have been a Verizon customer for several years, and have always had my Verizon email linked to Yahoo.  At one point, I created a subaccount for my spouse, which she uses as her primary, personal email address.  I attempted today to create an additional subaccount for my son to use and was surprised to get a message saying that accounts linked to Yahoo do not permit creation of subaccounts.

Why was this permitted previously but not now?  Is the only solution to unlink from Yahoo?  What are the implications for my spouse's subaccount if we unlink from Yahoo now?

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Re: Help with Subaccounts Where Email is Linked to Yahoo
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You can still create subaccounts even though you are linked with Yahoo. I just used my personal account and verified its still working. I am not sure if it was a temporary problem with your account, but if you are still having trouble please send me a private message.