Home page all screwed up!

  Good Evening:

    The other night I was on my home page just checking my email. I use to have three search engines on the top of the page one had all my favorite. Anyway I'm not sure what happen but they all just went away. Now all I have is Google which I had to call Verizon (AS I KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT COMPUTERS & WHEN SOMETHING DOES NOT WORK IT COST ME A SMALL FORTUNE FOR REPAIRS) Well this year I can not call a tech as I was in the hospital for over two months for some serious Operations & I still have to have more. Anyway my question is I'm not the worlds best speller & once the guy at Verizon got at least Google back I do not have spell check & really could use it. It would be nice to have my home page the way it was but as long as I can get spell check back I would be happy. So if anyone (And if u could tell me in terms I can understand!) could help me get spell check back this would be GREAT!.

 Thank you very much for your time!


Re: Home page all screwed up!
Community Leader
Community Leader

I am not sure of what the fix is, but I can guess.

Use http://webmail.verizon.net