How I migrated Verizon Contacts to gmail and other email providers

Hi - I've helped a few friends migrate their email accounts from to gmail.  Anyone who has tried this has run into a number of problems, most frustrating is migrating your contacts from to gmail (or any other provider).  Here are the steps I took to complete the process:

1) Go into your verizon email account and bring up your contacts.  Make sure you are viewing them 1 contact per line.

2) Scroll to the top of the contacts and very carefully start to highlight the contacts starting with the labels above the contacts.  Highlight all your contacts and be careful to stop when you get to your last contact.

3) From your browser, COPY, the highlighted area to the clipboard

4) Use Excel, but I'm sure any Excel clone such as Libre Office or iWork will work as well.

5) PASTE into the first cell of a new Excel sheet.  Depending on the number of contacts it may take some time and appear to be all blank rows.  Don't panic - just scroll down to see the pasted data.

6) Save the file into CSV format using the "Save As" function in Excel.  Answer "Yes" when it warns you that you will loose data and formatting.  This is OK since it will remove some of the odd formatting you are now seeing on the screen.

7) In all cases, the resulting CSV file had ALL of the names and email accounts offset by a single row.  If you highlight the names, you can move up all of the names to align with the email accounts.  You may have to repeat the same for your phone numbers and any labels.

😎 Change the First row in your sheet to include the names of the rows:  Name, Phone, email, label...  You should remove any columns that do not contain any data. Save your file once again.

9) Go into your google contacts and find the import function.  It will ask to load a CSV file.  Go ahead and select the file you just saved, wait and all the contacts will be loaded!

I've tried this with Gmail, Thunderbird, and Outlook without any problems.  Look at your documentation for each system for details on importing your contacts.

Good luck!

Re: How I migrated Verizon Contacts to gmail and other email providers
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Hello ProGeek!

I am migrating to Gmail, but my contacts list is not an issue. However, I do use Thunderbird on my computer and have some concerns with that. I have already posted in the Mozilla support forum, but thought maybe someone over here would also have some tips. Do you use Thunderbird? Would you be willing to help me if you do?