How do I receive my email?
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I just signed up yesterday and I am trying to receive two test emails for my account, {edited for privacy}  I have followed the instructions to set up the account for Outlook Express and it connects but then immediately disconnects.  I have made the setting changes as listed in the automated assistant.  I also can't see the emails online on the Verizon site.  Can somebody help?  I'm pretty tech savvy but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  I shut my Cox account tonight thinking I could easily change my email address.  Now I may call Cox back and have my email address turned back on.


Re: How do I receive my email?
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We apologize for the trouble that you are having, Here is a link below that you may find useful with Outlook Express, if you still need assistance, please send me a PM.

Verizon Support

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