How do I stay logged into my Verizon Message Center?
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If I put my laptop into sleep mode for more than a few minutes I find I am logged out of my account and have to log back in again. Even choosing "keep me logged in for two weeks" doesn't work.

I'm the only user of this computer. Isn't there a way I can keep from being logged out all the time?

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I am having the same problem as others. Although I check "stay logged in for two weeks"  I constantly have to log in again and again. what is the problem verizon??????

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You better learn to live with it as I don't believe they know how to fix it or they would have a long time ago!!!Smiley Sad

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My sign in box no longer has the 2 week check box, how do I get it back?


@topdog wrote:

You better learn to live with it as I don't believe they know how to fix it or they would have a long time ago!!!Smiley Sad

I'm sorry, but as far as I can see there is absolutely nothing wrong with the two week login process, there is nothing for Verizon to fix. I have been using it for many months, has worked perfectly every single time, I never have to log in until the two weeks passes, to the minute. But see below because there are some things you do that I think can affect it......

The Verizon sites use a cookie to retain the login information (encrypted of course). The cookie is named VOLRememberMe, as far as I know that is the only Verizon cookie that affects the two-week login but there may be others. So if you delete cookies when you shut down your browser, or run some program that does that, you are ending the two-week time period yourself right then. There are typically browser settings or browser add-ons that can be used to easily manage your cookies so the Verizon one(s) are kept (I just don't delete any of the Verizon cookies).

The Verizon sites do have a time-out value, where if there is no activity from you for some period of time, two hours I think, the next time you try to use the site it will come back with a login screen. Is that what you are referring to? But you really don't need to log in, you can if you want just end the session and start another one, you will be logged back in automatically. The reasons they do this I think are: a) security, you might walk away and someone have access to your account, and b) any user logged in ties up server resources.

One other thing, if you want to end a session, be sure you don't log out, just close the tab or the browser. If you log out, then you will need to log in the next time. And don't worry about my b) above, the server will pretty quickly recognize the lost connection and free up the resourses. 

This topic has been discussed many times here, I have posted a number of times here on the Forums what I believe the user problem is, and how to avoid it. In fact I just posted something within the last couple of days. As the saying goes, "search can be your friend." Smiley Very Happy

Now if the above does not help, come back with some specific info, like the browser you are using, the add-ons, how you handle your (Verizon) cookies, what steps you have taken to try to fix the problem, etc., and hopefully somebody here can help. Other than occasionally being timed out for inactivity, I only sign in once every two weeks, honest.....

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I use windows XP with Mozilla/Firefox.  The log-in box will remember my info, but it still logs me out every 5-mins!  It's annoying as hell.  Yahoo & Hotmail have no problem with this simple function