How to delete my 6000+ emails easily

I don't use my verizon webmail much and have over 6000 emails that I want to delete.  I'd also like a way to delete email from my Outlook.  Is there a way?  Any help appreciated!

Re: How to delete my 6000+ emails easily
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Lots of ways.

Some have discussed how to do this with WEBMAIL.  Note Webmail is or at least was not working well most of this week.

My suggestion is use a client.

etup the client to leave mail on the server but delete all mail older than some period (say a week).  Also set it to delete if you delete on the client.  Use your clients tools (vary with each popular client) to delete blocks of emails that you have and don't want to keep.

Personally I don't trust some server some where to keep my email for me anyway.  You have lots more control with some of the clients and lots more flexability.

Re: How to delete my 6000+ emails easily