How to set rule to catch persistent spam in emails

I get 10-20, maybe more, emails of this sort every day:

Medical Billing and Coding Education <>; on behalf of;

On every conceivable topic.  This has been going on for many weeks.

I download mail to my Outlook Client on my home pc, which is easily caught using an Outlook rule (and thus moved to a spam folder, not my inbox).  Once every few days I glance at this folder to see if anything important snuck through, and then permanently delete.

I don't want to receive these at all from Verizon.  I can't find a way on Verizon to create a rule to prevent these msgs being downloaded every day.  I can manually move these messages (using Verizon webmai)  from the inbox to Verizon's spam folder ... but it's VErizon SPAM detectors job to do this for me.  Verizon should be catching these obvious spam messages - or at least allow me to define some way to do this.

Is there a way to create a simple spam rule in Verizon to stop this?  Can someone in Verizon look into this and stop this from happening?

Thank you

Re: How to set rule to catch persistent spam in emails
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hz use filters.filter the info you can also filter the odd ext like .info, .in, etc that will control the spam issue