I need help badly

I need a manager or something. I purchased a samaung 5 well over a week ago. It was supposed to be delivered last tuesday. Yes last tuesday not this tuesday that just passed. I upgraded since my phone was stolen. So this is my only form of communication. With no phone. Well I paid for everyhting in full including activation fees, taxes , etc, Fed Ex claims that it was returned due to incorrect ADDRESS. I have double checked the address you have and it is correct. Anyways the pohone wassent back to shipper. I have tried numerous times to have your customer service agensts assist me. (via email) and they have been no assistance the last person i have an email from says i have to pay the taxes again. mean while he says he is goin g to check something and never gets back to me. I need a phone yesterday. Its inpeeding my work and my aboility to get my job done can something vbe done ASAP!!! And im not paying another dime. Nor should i have to pay for this down time

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Re: I need help badly
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