IE 10 stopped retreiving verizon mailbox

After logging into my verizon account.....and trying to retreive my mail using IE part of my email will show up.  I get the top of the verizon screen....and the very bottom of the page......but nothing else.

Tech support has told me it's MY issue with IE10......funny it's been working it won't work.  By starting Google will show up.  Google chrome is something the wife put on here at some point

IE will bring up any part of verizons web pages.......just not my mail box. 

Can I use Chrome........yes.....but I want to know why I can't use IE 10 when it's been working.  Am I being "herded" into using certain programs/apps or is there a real reason IE won't retreive/display my email box???

Re: IE 10 stopped retreiving verizon mailbox
Specialist - Level 3

I recall a similar problem with IE10, but not as severe as what you described.  The solution was to run IE10 in compatibility mode.  IE11 also has to be run in compatibility mode for Verizon mail to display properly.

Since it did work, and now doesn't, it would seem that something changed in your IE10.  Try deleting all cache, cookies, history, etc. Then verify it is running in compatibility mode.