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Is it really true Verizon does not support IMAP?  I did a couple searches but keep soming up with posts with "IMAP" in them from 2011 and even 2008.  Google was even worse, since it sort by relevance not date.  Not very recent information so I'm wondering if things have changed.

And I read (again 1- 3-year old posts) that POP3 works the same way on a mobile device -- specifically an iPad.  Same question:  Is that true?  If so, how do I configure my iPad?

Shawn Harrison

E Lago, Texas

Re: IMAP vs POP3

Verizon definetely does not do IMAP yet.  they said future plans in the share your ideas section if I remember right?   but if you want to configure your ipad for email then you would follow the step by step and screenshot instructions at

Click on Setup your Verizon Email Account and then select under "Want to set up your email on a mobile device, instead?" and Apple iPad  

should look like this

Want to set up your email on a mobile device, instead?
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