If you're having trouble w/ ports 995 and 465...
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Please see this other thread that I created, specifically my posts of Nov. 24 and Nov. 25:


Since many other people seem to be running into this problem, I'm creating this new thread in the hope that it will help.

I have the Yahoo portal, so my server settings are incoming.yahoo.verizon.net and outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net

When I changed ports to 995 and 465 using SSL in Thunderbird, I was unable to receive and send e-mail.

Finally I read that it was possible that my modem/router (an old Westell 327w) was blocking the ports. Supposedly the device blocked the ports by default. One solution offered was to lower my firewall setting to LOW. I did that, and presto! I am now able to use the required settings in Thunderbird with no problem.

However, I'm not happy about having to lower my firewall settings and would like to eventually find another solution.

I'd like to hear from anyone using a desktop email client like Thunderbird who never had any trouble with the new settings. Would you be willing to share what type of modem/router you have from Verizon? Then I would look into getting one of those.

Other info that might help -- I'm still using Win XP SP3. I just have Verizon High-Speed Internet, not FIOS.

I hope this helps other people, and I hope to get some info on newer modem/routers that don't block ports 995 and 465.