Imbedded Images in emails
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For some reason, from one particular company that I work with, whenever they send emails to me, the emails always arrive as Plain Text and any imbedded images (screenshots typically) arrive as an image reference, such as


 If the email is sent to someone else, and that person responds, I then get the message in rich text format, and I can see the imbedded screenshot.

All my other emails arrive as rich text (or html), but this one domain does not.

I've tried different email clients, it even looks like this in verizon webmail.

Dont know what else to try. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Re: Imbedded Images in emails
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Community Leader

Would you be able to contact the company sending you the emails?

I had an issue like this once, turns out it was nothing happening on my end, but the email client that the other person was sending from. It could just be the program they use to send email formats them as such. However, I woulden't be able to explain why if someone responds you would see the embedded image.

Have you tried having them send you an email to a different account off the Verizon network and seeing if it is the same results.

I hope I could be of some assitance Smiley Happy