Incoming mail not received to custom email address
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I have an email problem.  The scenario:

For 9 years I have had as my main email domain.  It's registered at a third-party registrar and is presently up to date.  I bought the domain when I switched to Verizon DSL in 2003.

{email address edited for privacy} has been redirected to my Verizon account for all that time.  The last change I made at Verizon was a few years ago when Verizon had me formally approve and authorize email forwarding to Verizon.  That I did.  Verizon did allow custom email domain forwarding at the time.

Last summer, I switched my web host ( from Verizon to the same registrar that I have been using, and maintained my email forwarding settings on that provider, making no changes (still forwarded to Verizon.)

In December 2011, I got a notice about new email settings, and made them accordingly.

As of Wednesday, February 1st, I am no longer getting mail to

I have checked with my domain provider, and I've changed my email forwarding to point to my Gmail account.  Mail is flowing through Gmail presently, so it appears my domain host is not at fault--that provider (DirectNIC) is the first hop that mail to would see.

The last email I received was time-stamped at 4:30 PM.  After that, nothing.

Mail to my address is going through normally.

What is happening?  If this is a result of a service change, why wasn't I notified?