Issue with Outlook 2007 working with Verizon/Yahoo email
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I am running Outlook 2007 on my home computer. I have it set up to retrieve mail from my verizon/yahoo POP server as well as send mail. It has been working fine for over two years until two days ago. I now get a pop up window from and that my user name or password is incorrect. I checked the Outlook settings and they have not changed. If i go to and enter my user name and password, I have no problem getting in and checking my mail. I tried re-entering my user name and password in the pop up window as well as the configuration screen in Outlook. The problem still persists. I also have not loaded any new software.

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when you sign in at and hit email, does it still look like yahoo mail, or does it look similiar to this?   

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Something that seems to happen occasionally is that the Verizon/Yahoo servers switch between requiring the entire address and just the username. I have no idea why this is so, but it's worth trying.

If you have your settings as "" try with just the username, if you have just the username try with the full address.


I also have been having the same issue with my Verizon Yahoo! email for the last 3 days.  In my case, I cannot send or receive email from my two accounts using Outlook Express.  I have tried ALL of the suggested workarounds and nothing works.  I am sure the problem must be with the Verizon servers, because the email actually did work fine for a short while last night (without my changing anything).  The funny thing is, I am not having this problem using my iPhone or iPad (using the intergrated Mail programs).   

This is not the first time this has happened, and every other time the problem "disappeared" on its own after some period of time, usually up to several days.  In the meantime the customers have no idea what's going on, and waste a lot of time trying to figure out if the problem is on their end or their provider's.  It sure would be a courtesy if Verizon at least posted some kind of announcement on their website whenever they were having some difficulty that affects their service...but I guess that's asking too much.

Verizon, you can do better!

ETA:  I am having the Outlook Express problem on TWO different computers.  The OE settings are the same, the versions are the same.