Japanese doesn't show up on Webmail email update version 3.0
Enthusiast - Level 2

We were required to upgrade from Verizon webmail version 2.0 to webmail version 3.0. We used to be able to read all the Japanese emails we received perfectly well with webmail version 2.0. However, in version 3.0, the Japanese in more than half of our Japanese emails (even old ones) started displaying in gibberish. A Verizon tech support agent was able to switch us back to webmail version 2.0; so we are able to read all of our Japanese e-mails once again. However, I had to call three times to find a tech support agent who was willing to help me with this. If you are having similar problems with Verizon webmail version 3.0, perhaps a Verizon tech support agent can explore putting you back on version 2.0.