Jumping e-mail page

When I open an e-mail it doesn't align correctly on page.  Often can not see the options above such as send!  What to do?

Re: Jumping e-mail page
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You could be having the same problem I had. I posted it on the forum and then solved it myself. See below the problem and solution , which I copied and pasted from my posting on the forum:

Botched Up Email Page

Suddenly on my email page the line that contains Conversations,Contacts,Calendars, Settings, and over to the right What's New, Help (with a green question mark and Search, Subect is only partially visible. Also there are 4 scattered green question marks on the line above this line. This is only for my email and not for two other emails on this computer. I changed my computer zoom level (located at the bottom right side of my computer to 99% and it is okay. Anybody know why this happened? On our other computer all looks fine at 100% zoom level as it has always been set.