Keep My Email

I signed up for Keep My Email about a year and a half ago, when considering moving to a new ISP.  I have paid for it annually twice and it shows up under my services.  I have a couple of questions.  If I should discontinue using Verizon, do I need to make any changes to Outlook in order to continue using the email I currently use as my primary email  Also the receipt which I have shows a long jumbled mix of letters showing  I tried using Site Control just to check into the doman, and my regular password for verizon doesn't work. 

I really just want to make sure that I have this set up 100% before I make any actual changes such as terminating my Verizon Account.  I have seen multiple posts on here where people were unable to access email after terminating their account in spite of prepaying for the My Domain Service.  How do I verify this.  I don't see any tools in the account settings making mention of the Domain Service, but if you check my Services, it shows up as being part of my current package.

I'm just looking for some solid information from somebody that knows.  Thank you in advance for your help.