Keeping you Verizon Email... BEWARE!!!
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Although there is a service provided to keep your existing Verizon email when you dissconnect your service it is a very flawed system. Verizon allows you to keep your existing email by using a hosting company that only charges $19.95 a year to handle your email account. My account has been locked out due to multiple failed password attempts. Sounds like an easy fix right. You guessed wrong. After about 2 hours on the phone and a lengthy online chat session it appears that nobody can help me. The hosting comany is only responsible for hosting the email and cannot reset your account and Verizon claims they cannot reset the email address because you no longer have a billed account with them. So I guess im out 20 dollars and countless emails. SO IF YOU PLAN ON USING THIS SERVICE DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT GET ANY KIND OF SUPPORT JUST THE STANDARD FINGER POINTING THAT GOES ON AT VERIZON.