Latest verizon blunder

My dad is passed and my mom stopped Babying me about 50 years ago....I do NOT need another set of parentals nor do I desire one! PLEASE CEASE YOUR POLICY OF "DECIDING" WHEN MY MESSAGES "APPEAR" TO BE SPAM!!! I do not send spam, and I cannot hardly get you to stop it from coming MY way; so please FREE ME from your  practice of parenting. Do NOT block any more of my business e mails (or any others) or there will be legal and/or financial repercussions for the Verizon!!

                          Irvin M

Re: Latest Verizon blunder
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Verizon is not "parenting".  While their spam and content filters are overly sensitive they are there to stem the tide of spam that plagues email around the world.

I suggest you take the time and read some of the threads here as there mare many techniques posted within this sub-forum, by me and others, that can be used to mitigate getting your email flagged as spam.