Legitimate Email being marked as spam

I sent email via Constant Contact and now email from my (work) domain goes into spam in my Verizon email.  The list I used in Constant Contact contains legitimate emails and follows Constant Contacts rules - recipient agrees to receive email, email addresses not obtained through a purchased list, etc. I am not spamming.

Has anyone else had this issue with Constant Contact and Verizon?  How did you fix it and get removed from the spam filter?  How do you stop it from happening again.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Legitimate Email being marked as spam
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Community Leader

If it was caught by Verizon and you have it forwarding to a foulder (highly recommended) rather then just deleting it, then go to the spam folder and mark it as not SPAM.  They will review and may or may not update the spam detector to ignore such mails in the future.  You can also update the mail to consider it a valid contact and to not be considered spam.  It will then still end up in the SPAM folder but they will also send a copy to your inbox.