Locked out account

I am in a forien country and got locked out of my account.  My phone does not work in order to receive a new code.

Re: Locked out account
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Surprised that you phone doesn't work, but Verizon email for overseas users has been out since early September.  I was in China and every call I made was answered with " we are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it, it should take 24-48 hours".  Well 3 months later, they have no clue.  Back story was to eliminate hackers, now all they are doing is eliminating customers.  I what I did was to access my Verizon account on webmail (on the internet) and had them forward all my emails to my Gmail account.  You may have to get a VPN depending on the country you are in.   It is hit and miss but better than nothing.  I spent the past 3 months requesting that all my clients and friends use my Gmail account.  Overseas hackers is one thing, but changing this policy without prior notice to users is just bad business.  Just a simple email saying  that you can no longer access your email account from abroad would have given you a heads up and made alternative plans, but did they do this?  No.  Good luck and hopefully your trip will be a short one, but do not look for any help from Verizon.