Locked out of my Verizon.net email & no available option to re-set password

In loading the Verizon App to access my email on a new tablet device, I locked myself out of my email (had forgotten my password and the answer to my security question - which was set at least 10 - 12 months ago).

I very much need to access my personal (which being self employed, I also use for business) verizon.net email but I am 100% locked out with no forseeable ability to reset my password and am looking for any & all additional help! 

Below is the message I have received and following it are details as to how I am stuck in loops that block any access for my ability to receive a password reset with the options given.:

Account Locked

Your account has been locked due to too many unsuccessful attempts at answering your secret question. You can still gain access to your account.


Select an option to receive a temporary password.

After several attempts, the secret answer you provided is still incorrect.

After several attempts, the secret answer you provided is still incorrect.

* Email to xxxxxxxxx@verizon.net   

     Temporary Password expires in 2 hours.

This is the email that I cannot access in the first place creating this option completely ineffective.  Trying this method is what locked me out in the first place.
* U.S. Mail to the address on record for this account    

     Temporary Password expires 30 days after your request (allow 7-10 days to receive password).

The address on record for this account MAY or MAY NOT  be an effective way for me to move forward with resetting my account with a new password.   I am very hesitant to move forward in requesting a temporary password being sent via this option out of fear of being indefinitely locked out of my verizon.net email due to the following circumstances:

The address where I maintained my account was updated to my new address (which is in a completely different state) but only for return of equipment purposes.  I have not been able to discover if this update was permanent.  If it was not and the address on record is my prior address, I will not have access to any mailing sent to that location.  The U.S. postal service is no longer forwarding any mail addressed to me from my prior address to my current address  Is it possible to confirm the address on record in any way?

Again, any help is greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!!