Lousy tech service and record keeping

My saga started in November when I changed my number to a local instead of a foreign exchange,  Verizon has not updated the records to my new phone number.  My bill even comes in under my old phone number.  But at least I'm getting my calls at my new number. 

Last week I started getting a lot of static in my line to the point I couldn't hear what was said and I did I mention because of the static I have no internet.  Callled Thursday and could come out Friday between 8am and 7 pm.  Waited till 8pm called Verizon and was told by help desk they couldn't make it and would be out Saturday between 8 and 12.  At 9am I got a text saying it was fixed.  Picked up my phone and what do I hear?  STATIC!  Called Verizon (hold for over 10 minutes after they said a 2-3 minute wait) and was told they would be out between 10am and 7pm.  At 2pm I got a call saying they wouldn't be out, no reason but to reschedule.  I stayed on the line for over 29 minutes (cell) to be told they would be out Sunday between 10 and 2.  Right now I'm so over Verizon it isn't funny.  I have been more than patient.  Oh yes, I also found out they are checking my old phone number line and not my new one and the service tickets are coming in the old phone number  because they can't find my new number under my account.  Rediculous!!!  I can't wait for the phone call tomorrow that they can't come or fix it.  I hope the tech that comes has thick skin!