MS Outlook XP (2002) email will receive but will not send.

I've read through the other posts of users that had this same issue - and seems to be no resolution posted for this issue.

I'm using outlook XP (2002) and have it set-up exactly per verizon directions .  I can receive email, but I cannot send any email at all.  I can sign into my webmail fine. I have even gone though the verizon fix it steps and even out of desperation I have used the verizon app allowing it to be set up automatically - all these things haven't helped and neither had found out any issue being wrong with my settings.

My settings are as follows:

User Information:  Jane Doe

Email Address:

Server Information:

Logon information:



SPA<- is...not...checked

Under "more settings"

General Tab:

Outgoing Server:

Checked - my outgoing server SMTP requires auth

checked- use same settings as my incoming

Advanced tab:

Incoming server (pop 3) 995

checked - this server requires encrypted connection SSL

Outgoing server (SMTP) 465

checked - this server requires enccrypeted connection SSL

When I use the "test account settings" button, the error message I receive is "unable to send test message please verify email address".   When I try to send an email, the error message I recieve is "the operation timed out waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server. If you continue to reach this message contact your ISP".

Any help is appreciated.

Re: MS Outlook XP (2002) email will receive but will not send.

can you sign into the myverizon site with the same credentials?

if you can, then it might be a anti virus or firewall blocking it.    they usually check email as a step at fighting virus's