Maddening duplicate emails after dumping the Verizon-Yahoo! Experience

Finally fed up with a totally unreliable email service offered under the banner of the Verizon-Yahoo! Experience, I dumped this Yahoo! 'Premium Service' and delinked accounts saying, I thought, good riddance.  Fat chance!  Now, after my standalone Verizon mail accounts have been successfully established, I am still haunted by a sole Yahoo! Mail account which insists on forwarding a copy of each email it receives to my primary Verizon mail account.  Infuriating, as I now receive two copies of  every email addrsssed to my Yahoo! Mail account: one to the Yahoo! account and one copy forwarded as a blind copy (BCC) to my Verizon mail account.

Got in touch with Yahoo! and they told me it's Verizon's problem.  Okay, I next contacted Verizon Support and they pointed their finger at Yahoo!  Hmmm, so now what I've got is two huge communications companies telling me 'it's not my problem', 'talk to the other guy'.  To me it appears I've got two clueless internet giants who don't know where the problem originates, have no seeming interest in resolving the issue or even trying to understand the problem and, when without an answer, are masters at passing the buck.   What a bunch of codswallop.

Has anyone reading this experienced a similar problem or at least know of the issue and how to fix it?  There are no user-accessible setings that I know of in either Yahoo! Mail or Verizon mail's online settings to tweak to resolve this headache.

As things now stand, switching to COMCAST or perhaps unplugging entirely are looking like mighty appealing options.  Being connected isn't worth this amount unnecessary grief.  Thanks in advance for your help.

-- Martin E.

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I believe it would be impossible for Verizon mail to forward mail from another mail service.


It is possible that Verizon mail is set up to import Yahoo mail.  Go to Verizon Mail > Settings > Import > Import POP3 Email.   Delete anything Yahoo that might be there.  


If eliminating the "Import POP3 Email"  scenario doesn't solve the the problem, the cause would seem to be with Yahoo.   Your best resource for Yahoo issues might be on Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Products board.