Made new server changes but getting odd spam now.
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I changed my email server settings.   Using Windows Live Mail 2011

I love that I am no longer bombarded with hundreds of spam a day (about 98% would already be in my junk mail folder) but now with the new settings, despite the great reduction in spam, all the spam is coming directly to my inbox and nothing goes directly to my junk mail folder like it was.    Also, now if there is caught spam in my Spam Folder at My Verizon, it is NOT showing up in my Junk Mail folder  (or inbox) in Windows Live 2011 like it was before the changes.  Makes it hard to check for mistakenly caught emails in my Junk Mail Folder if I can't see them.

Oddly, the spam that is getting through the filter/spam detector and going directly to my inbox, is mostly from UK domains and yahoo (hijacked accounts or just made up usernames).   I can't block that domain because friends and family have yahoo accounts.   I rarely got @yahoo spam before.

I have my filter set to HIGH as it was before.    

Any thoughts, ideas?