Missing emails very irritating

I have read that other folks have lost emails for no apparent reason.  It had happened over the summer where I lost most of them and now just in the past few days I have nothing left but items from the past two months and some random past dated ones.  This is extremely frustrating since I have kept items that were important to me.  No, I don't back them up--I shouldn't have to.  Its email.  If I am not exceeding any storage limits, I should be able to keep whatever I want out there and not worry about it.  As a Verizon employee I am ashamed that we are doing this to our customers.  Is there any way that my email can be restored?? Make me proud.

Re: Missing emails very irritating
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Make you proud ?

You should be in control of your OWN email which means not to leave email on the Verizon server and you should be using an email client.

Read what I wrote to someone else the other day...

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Re: Missing emails very irritating
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Any time mail disappears from the server, there's a pretty good chance there's some device pulling it off. This can happen even without you intending it to. For example, the default Verizon setup for a long time (and possibly still) configured Outlook automatically unless you were paying attention and unchecked the box during the install.

The easiest way to fix it is to change your password. Once the device(s) can no longer authenticate, the disappearances should stop.