Mobile MyFIOS Email Outbox Won't Empty
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I'm using MyFIOS app on my cellphone.  I sent an email and it has been stuck in the Outbox for 3 days.  I have sent other emails since without problems.  There is no apparent way to delete the email and no error message or other indication of any problem.  The message has an attachment, a photo of 1.8MB and is addressed to 4 people.  Perhaps there is a bug having to do with large attachments?

Does anyone know how I can delete this email?

Re: Mobile MyFIOS Email Outbox Won't Empty

Hello.  I had this problem and solved it by uninstalling the My FiOS app and reinstalling it.  I didn't lose any emails, just the email that was stuck in the Outbox.  It's a mystery to me why there isn't an easier way to delete emails in the Outbox.