Modifying email settings
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I get an email from Verizon telling me that if I use an email program in addition to MyVerizon, I'll have to modify my settings. The message gives me a link to go to.

On the page, there's a setting that says "Try an a automatic solution," I see that I should be able to "automatically set up or update...Apple Mail" (which is the program my home computer uses.

Trouble is, that's the last mention of Apple Mail anywhere on the page. There's a box for automatically setting up Outlook/Outlook Express. There's a heading for "Step by step Instructions" to set up Vista or various Outlook emial programs.

Nothing about Apple Mail.  So what am I supposed to do?

Re: Modifying email settings
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This has been answered a few times already on the forums. You can do a search at the top right for mac mail settings. I had found this one reference that worked...