Multiple emails user subaccounts

I am Richard {edited for privacy}, my nickname for my account is {edited for privacy}y and my email address is {edited for privacy}

My wife is Ann {edited for privacy}, her nickname for her account is {edited for privacy} and her email addresses {edited for privacy}

I also have a daughter and a grandson as sub accounts. This was established at least 10 years ago for MSN and Verizon BUT none of this is recognized now that we have to leave MSN.

This is the most confusing site I've had to use in 15 years. How about some true help?

Even you are confused as you often great me as if I were my router.  HELP

Re: Multiple emails user subaccounts
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Richard, what are you trying to do? Just build the other user accounts in here  ??

Re: Multiple emails user subaccounts
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I agree-that's why I used MSN instead of Verizon(VZ)..much more user-friendly.

Here's what I'm doing: Sign into your VZ acct, then click the account tab>account profile>(scroll down page to) sub-accounts>add new sub-acct.

You are than abled to transfer your MSN acct to the VZ acct. I'm doing one at a time because it takes 24-48 hrs for everything to tranfer. Once it transfer, check everything over before transferring another account. Good luck.