MyFios app, email on ipad

anyone have their ability to send email stop working on the MyFios app for ipad?  I can receive email just fine, but within the last 2-3 days, I can no longer send.  I'm able to compose a message and click send, however, it never shows up in my sent file and the receipient never gets it.

Anyone else or suggestions?  This is the MyFios app so there are no settings for incoming/outgoing ports or servers.

Have the same app on my iphone and it works fine.

Re: MyFios app, email on ipad
Specialist - Level 2  Is this the version you are using? (It appears to be the latest) ? One of the comments  on the link also mentions the "broken" email. For now can you find an older "working" version to install in its place?

Also I just found this by see log post by Brad1976