Need help retaining Verizon email

I've had to change ISP because my Verizon DSL was too slow and FIOS is not available in my area.  I have switched to a cable based service provider but have not yet cancelled my DSL service with verizon.  

When I use the web site to purchase the email names, I always get the response:  "We cannot process your request at this time. Please re-try later."  I have retried this 8 or 10 times over the past several days and get the same response.  I have tried with Firefox, Crome & Safari.  I have cleared cookies with theses browsers and tried again.  In all cases I get the same response.

I have had the following customer support experiences.  Initally I called 800-837-4966.  The customer service rep told me I needed to talk to the E-Center.  I've called the E-Center serveral times.  They have directed me to the following Verizon service desks:  Billing, FIOS tech support, DSL tech support, Verizon your domain.  Each of those other service desks has referred me back to the E-Center who then tries to refer me to one of these other supporrt services.

There must be someone at Verizon who can resolve this issue.  Is there a super tech or ombudsman who can actually solve this problem for me?  Until now I've been happy with my Verizon service.  The only reason I'm switching ISPs is because the Verison DSL service is too slow and I cannot get FIOS is my area.

How can I break out of the his infinite loop of being passed from service desk to service desk and someone at the top of the customer service chain who can resolve this issue.

Re: Need help retaining Verizon email
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Hi kitchw8436,

Sorry you are having difficulty with retaining your email addresses.  An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or help you resolve your issue.


Re: Need help retaining Verizon email
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Hi Kitchw8436,

I too had to make a change . . . it was painful -  I proved it can be done - but it isn't easy and isn't part of the service desk's knowledge book.  It took over 4 hours.  The @yourdomain guy told me it doesn't work with Chrome or Safari - I ended up doing it on a windows machine (I'm a Mac guy) in IE.

The most amusing thing was the e-mail I got from the service desk that apologized that they couldn't restore my email after it had been suspended . . . the e-mail was sent to my now active account . . . that couldn't be reactivated . . . but was.  It's funny now . . . after the pain.

Bottom line - don't let them tell you it can't be done - it can.