Need to reset email on sub account.

I just spent 30 minutes on chat to change a password on a sub account that waslocked due to someone trying to login to my account too many times.  After 30 minutes of answering numerous questions just to verify my account, I was conveniently disconnected and now chat is no longer available.  Thsi is a tad ridiculous and need the issue resolved immediately. Please advise.

Re: Need to reset email on sub account.

I have an email sub account that was apparently locked about two to three weeks ago. It is not a critical email address for me so I didn't bother to do anything about it. Yesterday I received a letter from Verizon telling me one of my accounts was locked (did not identify which account, but of course I knew which one). For a sub account the letter said to call 1-888-976-9143 Monday through Friday 8 am until 11 pm Eastern time. I called, was answered within a minute or so, had to answer some questions to verify my id, and got the account unlocked and a temporary password assigned. I tested accessing the account and promply got about 40 emails from that account so knew it was working. Took about 10 minutes or so, the agent was very helpful.

I don't know if the above will help you, but I hope so.

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