New Settings??

I got an email saying I have to change my settings. The only change I saw I had to make is to change my incoming server to 995 and the outgoing one to 465. It also said I need to make sure that SSL encryption is enabled. I could find nowhere in Outlook where I can enable SSL encryption. I found where you change the port settings, but when I changed them and tested the connection, I got an infinite hourglass and had to abort it.Without changing it (i.e., with my current settings of 110 and 587 respectively), the mail comes in OK. I thought Verizon was changing it. It looks like they haven't.

Also I see anothier thing. I can download my email to Outlook OK, but then I also see the email when I go to Why isn't my online email list clearing when I tell Outlook to download the email?

I am not willing to use their automatic method for fear it will wreck my Verizon email account or even harm my Earthlink account, which is what I usually use for email.

So do I need to change settings, and if so, how do I do it without pressing the automatic button?

Re: New Settings??
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You will probably have to make the change over to SSL at some point or you email will stop working.

Instructions for various flavor of Outlook are off this web page