Next day delivery "On hold", broken links, "Whitelabel fallbacks" "Error Pages"
Enthusiast - Level 1
There's some parts of the links you guys send me that are broken, or when I log into my Verizon account,  it says "whitelabel fallback" or sometimes "errors" and it doesn't let me view my account billing and other parts of my account. I ordered something too and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday and it prompted me with a "on hold" for my next day delivery, I try taking action and verifying my identity, but nothing, no verification feedback or anything. I have no other way to get a hold of you guys via phone because I don't have one, so I'm going to have to go to my nearest and local verizon store, this is ridiculous though, i paid $13 extra dollars to get the phone the next day, and still nothing, horrible service.