No Verizon Yahoo access

Was picking up email on my Verizon Yahoo account when I suddenly got a message that I had to agree to new terms of service that would allow Verizon Yahoo to search my emails to target ads.  I had two choices:  accept or reject.  I clicked on the terms of service to see what they were, and the Yahoo connection spun endlessly and was not available.  Same with privacy terms.  Tried going through Google to any sort of help, tech support, account information but there was no connection.  What if I don't want my email scanned?!! Don't I have any rights for this service I pay for?  There is no way to access help or contact online, and no phone number anywhere, and no way to check whether the site is down.  I am furious that I am forced to accept unacceptable invasion of privacy and that I am unable to access my email -- unless I agree to terms I cannot view.  There should be a way to talk to someone without paying a fortune for the privilege of being told I have no options whatsoever.  I can't say email me when someone replies because I have no access to my email!

Re: No Verizon Yahoo access
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All of the terms of service for the Yahoo Email service can be found at . Hopefully this helps make your decision.