No apology from Verizon for outages?
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The recent 24hr mail server outage in the Northeast, and Verizon's apparent public silence, leads me to conclude: Being Verizon means never having to say you're sorry. A third party, downdetector, suspected a problem:

But it looks like no one was monitoring Verizon's own forums:
This is not the first time. A previous incident involved being down (confirmed by ping), yet call center was oblivious and, as usual, in denial that it could be anything but the fault of its pond-scum customers.

Just a few days ago, when the Amtrak Acela I was riding was late into Boston, the conductor announced his apology for the delay. Now, was that so hard to do? Verizon's lack of contrition, and its refusal to make (or to make visible) an easy network status page, make you yearn for a true broadband public utility, where regulators have some teeth.