Not Liking AOL Move Help
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The move to AOL for the email accounts was a bad move.  First of all, all of the ads are terribble.  Then if you want ad free service you have to pay an additional 5.95 a month but my Verizon bill has not changed.  What is worse, I cannot open attachments from emails that are sent from some of my billers that email me.  It keeps shutting down my email service when I try to open attachments.  It was never a problem on Verizon.  I can't even save them.  They are monthly.  Everything we do today is online.  Verizon may have done this for business reasons but they made a poor choice while they told consumers AOL was a great choice and would service us well.  Had I known what problems I would have, I would have made the alternate choice and changed everyone else over to another email.  Please help.

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