OnLine Bank Phishing Scams

In the past 24 hours, I have received 3 different Phishing scams form "supposedly" 3 banks.  Of course they aren't who they say they are.  When I try to watn family members of them, I would like to take bits and pieces of them to show people what not to respond to.  However, once I try to send them out to friends and family warning them, I can't.  Verizon posts an error, rejecting it as spam of some kind.  Remind you that my bits and pieces of the original don't have any links in them.  Now since I can't send these warnings out, why can't Verizon prevent them from getting to me (or you) when they first come into their system?

Re: OnLine Bank Phishing Scams
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ITs sad but true that they are two different spam filters.  It would be good if they could both catch such spam.

Re: OnLine Bank Phishing Scams

you should take a screen shot of them and then send the picture image.  that would be an easy quick fix  and then make sure to change the subject line so that it doesn't look all spammy