Ordering a part from Verizon
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When I ordered a replacement battery from Verizon for the Verizon Fios Phone no one advised me there was going to be a charge for this battery at any time whatsoever and I thought it was covered under my maintenance plan as a result.  Well I just reviewed my new bill and found out I was charged $39.99 plus $8.99 for shipping and I imagine tax was involved as well.  Had I know this battery was going to be this high cost I would never have ordered it.  I am a totally disabled 72 year old senior citizen living on a fixed income and cannot afford extra charges such as this.  I think this was very shoddy business practices not to tell me there was going to be such a high fee for this replacement battery and that it was not covered under the maintenance plan I am paying for monthly.  Not only that my bill has gone up over $40 more in the past few months.  My contract with you is up in May and you are going to be losing a customer and I will more then likely return to DirecTv who do not do shoddy business with people and conduct business legally and don't purposefully advise people of charges for items they need to order.  This is no way to conduct business with people and highly questionable.  I think the Public Service Commission and Better Business Bureau should be made aware of these deceitful practices you conduct.  Now I know why the maintenance man who came here and had to reattach a wire back onto the building that was causing me to continually lose my internet wanted that battery so badly.  Sure he is probably going to recharge it and sell it to someone cheaper then what you are charging me for this new battery.  I do not do business with companies that are deceitful and withhold information from people about any charges involved or items of your equipment that need to be replaced.  I thought when I had Time Warner they were bad but you are worse by far.  The only reason I left DirecTv was to get your package deal to save money and guess what I am no longer saving anything having you people.  In fact I am now paying more then I had with Directv and Time Warner Road Runner.  You made me take a 3 room DVD player I didn't need and am now stuck paying $19.99 a month for it.  With Directv I bought the high def dvr box for $99 and that was it you are making me pay $140 a year for a 3 room high def dvr box I do not need or use.  You are taking advantage of Senior Citizens who cannot afford these prices and keep raising your bills just the way Time Warner did and that was why I got away from them.  Your email system is rotten because your horrid Fios Trending is always freezing it up and you cannot type emails because of it and all the advertising you have on your email site that constantly are freezing up the emails too because they are constantly changing.  Just how much advertising do people have to put up with on your home page and email pages?  You do not conduct business in an up and up manner and too deceitful for me.  Is this how you teach your people to conduct business?  To withhold information and charges and fees from them?  I will not deal with people who are out to do this to me and to others.  You are not a reputable company to do business with I am finding out fast.  Your deceitful practices are going to lose you a customer.  There is no way I would make another contract with you when mine expires in mid May.  What you did to me was horrid.  It makes me wonder just how many other customers are going through the same thing because I know I cannot be the only one this has happened to and am afraid what will be next with your company.  How can you bill a Senior Citizen over $260 for one month's bill when we live on fixed incomes?

Re: Ordering a part from Verizon
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